Our Philosophy

Science has proven that students learn best in a relaxed, comfortable environment. That is why we guarantee that every session will be supportive and encouraging or we will completely refund your money for that session. Just let us know within seven days of the session.

At American English Today, we assist you in meeting your personal English language goals in a way that is meaningful and relevant to your unique life. Since this an American English immersion program based on conversation, your mentor can guide your session or you can choose the topic of most interest or concern.

Our combined experience covers a wide range of businesses, hobbies and interests. Perhaps you have questions about work-related terminology that is confusing, and you wish to better understand the subtleties of American-business English. Or, you just want to chat about culture, travel or philosophy? American sports? Current news and events? How about skiing? Maybe wine or cooking? The conversation will proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you. Choose a male or female voice. Mix it up if you like. You decide.

Does your job require you to make presentations in English and you need help reviewing or practicing? We are here for you. If you would like us to proof-read a document or PowerPoint presentation, just submit the file ahead of your session. We will correct it, if necessary, and review any required corrections with you during your learning session. Or, we can proof-read the document and return to you without further discussion if you prefer.

Of most importance, we understand that you have chosen to invest in yourself, your career and your life! We take that investment seriously and will do our best to make every learning session a productive and rewarding experience. Schedule your personal learning session now. Cheers!